Can Gum Recession Be Reversed – Yes it Can!

Perhaps you have seen the embarassing damage done to your gums and have asked yourself, Can gum recession be reversed?” The good news is that you can reverse a receding gum line.
If you have gum recession there is some bad news that you need to hear – you likely haveĀ a much more serious problem – Periodontal Gum Disease.

can gum recession be reversed

The Cause of Gum Recession

There is one main culprit behind most cases of gum recession. What is it?
Bacteria! Bacteria naturally grows in the crevices and recesses of our gums and teeth. Normally they are kept in check by naturally occurring enzymes and a healthy immune system. When there is a compromise in your health by means of disease, malnutrition, hormonal inbalance, or other conditions, your body cannot keep up. Healthy cells cannot replace gum cells that are being eroded away. It is like trying put out a giant blaze with a squirtgun. You just cannot keep up.

The bacteria creates a toxin that eats away at the gum tissue, causing the gumline to recede, exposing roots where sensitive nerves reside. Hot or cold beverages can be very uncomfortable for people with receding gums.

How to Reverse Gum Recession

You need to address the main problemĀ – bacteria. You not only need to control it, but you must keep under control all of the time. The problem is that most products only deal with the surfaces areas of the teeth and gums. The bacteria really causes the serious damage, however, in the crevices of the gums and teeth. So if you can continually kill and keep in check bacteria below the gumline, then you can allow your body to reproduce gum cells in those areas previously affected.

One of the Best Solutions to Gum Recession

Natural oils of spearment and peppermin have been proven effective in seaping into the hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and gums. Furthermore, they contain properties, such as menthol, which are effective at killing and subduing bacteria. If they remain in those crevices, then they allow the body to catch up and replenish gum cells. So “can gum recession be reversed?” Yes it can!

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can gum recession be reversed