How To Restore Receding Gums

how to reverse receding gum lineIf you want to know how to restore receding gums you must first know what you are up against. Receding gum line is the label given to the dental condition where the gums move away from the visible tooth surface and the roots begin to be exposed. Because of the way teeth are constructed, the exposure of the roots can also expose the nerve extensions that reach the surface of the root. The level of sensitivity to heat and cold can be exacerbated and may be severe in some people. For those people who are seeking relief, looking for ways to obtain healthy gums can be successful. Even better, it is is possible to do so using natural means.

The recession of gums doesn’t happen overnight. The gums move slowly away from the teeth. This condition is a major cause for problems in the mouth. It is exceeded by cavities and gum disease, but it is perhaps more embarrassing because of the appearance when the roots are exposed or partially exposed. The appearance of the smile and the pain of the condition combine to send people rushing to the pharmacy for pain relief or to the dentist for help.

You may wonder why the condition occurs. There are several identified triggers that can play a part in the loss of tissue that supports the teeth. A major factor is bacterial infection. Certain medications will cause the condition to worsen, as will aging. It is helpful to know that there are home remedies that are helpful.

A dentist is likely to tell a patient with receding tissue that there is not much that can be done. The accepted dental therapy is in essence a transplant. Tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and attached to the dental tissue. The procedure is delicate and can be quite expensive. Since the tissue is unhealthy to begin with, a graft may not take.

The main thrust of natural remedies is to eliminate the bacterial infections that are often a factor in the condition. This, at a minimum will prevent the condition from worsening. The victim may be able to avoid the loss of support to the roots which can cause tooth loss. Shaky teeth are more likely to be subject to infections and tooth decay.

Botanical oil such as the mint family or tree tea oil is known to be helpful in fighting bacterial infections. After regular brushing, you should clean the toothbrush and brush again, using a small amount of tea mint oil. Then, use a cotton swab to apply the oil directly to the gum line. If you can’t reach the area with your finger or a swab, the oil can be applied to your dental floss. This technique can be safely continued even after the signs of infection have disappeared.

Sea salt is another effective way to fight infection. A solution of sea salt in water swished around the mouth is a good bacteria fighter. There is another mouthwash shown to help reduce bacteria in the mouth. Make the mouthwash using myrrh tincture in water. This herbal mouthwash is gentle and effective.

Healthy gums are often the best way to fight periodontal disease, bacterial infection and loss of tissue. A strong and operating immune system will help to fight off the inroads of bacteria that attack all types of body tissue. Both internal and external methodologies are useful to restore receding gums without invasive or chemical means.



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